Friday, January 22, 2010

Computer forensics education directory now online

A directory providing details of computer forensics courses offered by academic institutions worldwide is now online at

This directory will be updated each year to reflect current course offerings but additions or amendments are encouraged at any time and may be sent through our contact form.

A second directory listing courses offered by commercial training providers is planned for later this year.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

US academic institutions - final call for contact details!

Hi everyone,

I hope to have something to show for our efforts in putting together a directory of academic institutions offering computer forensics courses next week but I still need a little assistance with one or two places in the US.

If you have a contact person for any of the following (teaching, rather than general admissions) could you either pass on an email address to me or ask them to contact me on

Bucks County Community College
Carnegie Mellon
Cypress Community College (I think this is Chris Curran but I don't have an email address)
Delaware County Community College
Delaware County Technical School in Aston
University of Fairfax
George Mason University (Fairfax, VA Campus)
Luzerne County Community College
University of New Orleans (is it still Prof. Golden?)
University of Northwestern Ohio
University of Central Oklahoma
Pittsburgh Technical Institute
Rutgers University
Walsh College
West Virginia University (my mails to Roy Nutter are bouncing)
Wilmington University

Many thanks for any help!


Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Hidden Hymn

From (republished with permission)

There is something quintessentially British about the unique blend of gusto and gibberish which makes up a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta. What is less well known, perhaps, is that Arthur Sullivan also wrote the music to the world-famous hymn ‘Onward Christian Solidiers’.

It seems he also tried his hand at a lyric to the tune, which was later discarded. Now, though, the sole surviving copy of that lyric has emerged – yet another extraordinary treasure recently found amongst a cache of forgotten manuscripts.

We are delighted to reproduce the full lyric here.

Tune: St Gertrude by A. Sullivan

Hymn for the Unsung Heros

Onward First Responders, marching as to war,
With the ACPO Guidelines going on before.
Tableaus at the ready, armed against the foe,
Forward into battle see those White Hats* go!
(*LE singers may substitute “Blue lights” here. – AS.)


Onward First Responders, marching as to war,
With the ACPO Guidelines going on before.

Dawn of retribution! Watch the suspects stare;
They and their Redeemer know what you’ll find there!
All their nasty surfing, docs and pix and more;
See, they fear the advent of the long arm of the Law.


Image every hard drive, every USB,
Make a very detailed chain of custody,
There will be no tiny evidential fault
Bag and tag and walk the lot then slap it in the vault.


Run it up in EnCase, data carve ‘til dawn
Bookmark hot and gmails, all the dodgy porn,
Short and sweet the statement witnessing the crime
Which gets them off the premises or even doing time.


Like Olympic medalists going at full steam
Onward First Responders! Ply that data stream!
Vanquish all the villains, work with all your might
Show the unbelievers just how ev’ry bit can byte

Arthur Sullivan plus computer

Arthur Sullivan at his other keyboard

All together now…

Onward First Responders, marching as to war,
With the ACPO Guidelines going on before.