Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Internet Evidence Finder (IEF) review

Reviewed by BitHead (discussion thread here).

When this review started at the beginning of August 2012, Internet Evidence Finder (IEF) was a project of Jad Saliba of JADSoftware. At that time the version was 5.41.

The interface was simple, and IEF was an easy to use tool that found a lot of artifacts and displayed them in an easy to follow report.

In the middle of August I was contacted by Adam Belsher of JADSoftware and told there was going to be a few major changes coming to JADSoftware. A week later Saliba announced “JADsoftware has a new identity, including a new company name – Magnet Forensics.”

In his first blog post on the Magnet Forensics site, Saliba wrote, “A lot has changed since I launched JADsoftware and first developed Internet Evidence Finder (or IEF) while working as a police officer and forensic examiner. After a couple of years juggling both jobs, I realized IEF had enormous potential to help you perform better investigations, so I decided to dedicate myself to developing the software full-time. The growth the company has experienced since then has exceeded my highest expectations.”

And there were a lot more changes than just the name...

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