Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Future forensics

Although difficult, it's always fun to look into the future and try to predict the challenges which lie ahead for computer forensics practitioners. Some are perennial favourites: tougher, more widespread encryption; wiping tools (even Macs have them built in these days, apparently - thanks to Azrael for pointing that out!); anti-forensics tools; larger hard disks, etc. More interesting, perhaps, is trying to think about new ways in which technology might be used in the future and what that might mean in terms of the crimes committed. In recent years we've seen a huge increase in the speed and reach of the digital networks which bind us together and as a result, new ways to abuse them (from botnets to "happy slapping") have emerged. What will be the next frontier to be pushed forward with implications for computer forensics? AI? Nanotechnology? Science fiction today, perhaps, but it might be all in a day's work for tomorrow's cybercop...

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