Friday, January 04, 2008

X-Ways interview and a few other items

For those who didn't catch last month's newsletter a quick note to say that Stefan Fleischmann has very kindly agreed to answer interview questions this month. If you have any questions about Stefan's X-Ways range of software products please feel free to post them to this forum topic. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can always drop me a line privately (email, PM or contact form). The X-Ways lineup includes not only X-Ways Forensics but also X-Ways Capture for live analysis and I for one am certainly looking forward to speaking to Stefan and learning more about both of these products. If there's anything you'd like to ask please don't let this opportunity go by!

In other news the forum discussion of recommended forensic hardware now finally has a summary page to go with it at

This should be very much a "living document" with updates and additions strongly encouraged - please use the forum topic mentioned above to continue the discussion.

Another topic which came up quite recently in the forums is that of report writing. This too now has a dedicated page at

and again I'd like to encourage further additions to this page (sample reports, relevant links and articles on CF report writing).

Finally, a quick plug for this post by kovar concerning terms of engagement. It seems to me this is another useful area for discussion, in particular for those in private practice, and at some stage will probably also warrant a separate page as a quick reference. Please help if you can!

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Gonzo said...

Found something scary for all of the folks involved in computer forensics. According to Baseline Magazine, there's a movement afoot to require anyone who does computer forensics work to have a Private Investigator's license. Seems a bit extreme to me.

Check it out:,1540,2242720,00.asp