Monday, June 30, 2008

Guidance Software Launches Online Training Program

Yep, the headline says it all but here's a bit more blurb from the press release:

"The program’s inaugural offerings—EnCase Computer Forensics I, EnCase Enterprise Implementation and EnCase v6 Features—are now available on demand. EnCase Computer Forensics I, one of Guidance Software’s most popular training courses, includes 32 hours of course work in 28 separate blocks of training. This introductory course is a hands-on experience that involves practical exercises and real-life simulations. The class provides participants with an understanding of the proper handling of digital evidence from the initial seizure and acquisition of the computer/media, to data analysis, archival and validation. The EnCase Enterprise Implementation module explains initial installation and configuration of the EnCase Enterprise platform. The EnCase v6 Features module is an individual, two-hour block of training that provides users with the latest updates included in the recently launched version of EnCase Enterprise, including explanations on new features."

I'm a big fan of online training in principle but I look forward to seeing what people make of this program in practice. Also, a cursory glance at the Guidance website revealed no pricing details - does anyone have that information?


Rob said...

I also like the idea..there "could be" tremendous cost savings to the student/agency. We all know how Concerned Guidance is with the users saving money though.. So we shall see what the prices are and were to go from there.. I know getting any upper management to bite on "Virtual" training is going to be a slight battle if you cannot show a distinct savings in course cost (apart from the travel and lodging etc..). I know SAN's banks pretty heavily on you seeing those savings and still charging full price (or pretty close) for an online class...

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't hold my breath on it being any cheaper.

In the past, AccessData used to do an FTK license and training bundle which was fairly reasonable IMO. Although now, I wish I had taken them up on the offer, since there is no mention of it on their site.

With online classes they figure it is much more convenient for you since you don't have to travel, Your boss doesn't have to pay for the lodging, gas, or airfare, and you can take them at almost any time of year instead of waiting for it to be local.