Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ultra-thin membrane changes SIM card usage

Fascinating new post from Greg Smith of Trew & Co. on his blog:

Examiners may come across an ultra-thin (0.3mm) membrane that lays over the contacts of a SIM card. Called the V200 SIM Dialer, the membrane is "Prefix base programmable (For routing prefix and bypass prefix setting)". What does that mean? Well, it allows mobile phones installed with SIM Tool Kit menu (most up to date phones have them) and define access to the network. The point being, if you are looking for least-cost routing for calls or want to use a calling card, rather than have mobile network call charges, then this device makes that happen, apparently.

How does it do it? "Dial the desired number directly each time you call, SIM dialer V200 will automatically dial IP access in front of the dialed number". As the manufacturer promotes, using their device will not change your dialling habits and there is "No cutting, No pounching your SIM".

More details and a link to a YouTube vid here.

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