Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Virtual detection becomes a reality

A breakthrough in computer forensics technology was announced today when investigators were told they would no longer be required to rely on text-based or simple point and click interfaces, but will instead be able to fully immerse themselves in a virtual investigative environment based around the exploits of fictional TV detectives.

A spokesperson for April Software Solutions (ASS), developers of the new forensic tool, said, "The heart and soul of this new system is the Forensic Object-Oriented Language (F.O.O.L.) which was developed right here in our Peckham laboratory. Instead of scripting in Perl or some other language, the F.O.O.L. system allows the investigator to parse the evidence image and create a fully immersive 3D environment where they play the role of a famous TV detective such as Sherlock Holmes or that bloke from Life on Mars. Items which require investigation - the Windows Registry or browser cache for example - are turned into virtual suspects who can be brought in for interrogation."

ASS says that an expansion pack based around the character of Jack Bauer from 24 will be available in the summer to deal with strong encryption.

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Tony Patrick said...

Kudos, this is the first CF April fools joke I've seen in almost 9 years in the field.