Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hard disk data storage

From the forums...

ForensicMania asks:
"Here is a quick question. I cloned hard disk using bit-by-bit copy and kept this hard disk without power in evidence store. I was wondering is there any limitation on data storage life-time on that hard disk if kept without providing power to it. e.g., will the data be there after five years?"

Logg replies: "You'll want to store your hard drives each in sealed, anti-static bags in a climate-controlled (arid) room. The baggies run under a dollar a piece at Fry's (or free if you keep them when you purchase hardware for yourself).

Power is your hard drive's enemy, so as long as you maintain low humidity, mild/moderate temperatures, and a generally dust-free environment, you'll be fine.

A flimsy cd that's damaged simply by prolonged exposure to sunlight can otherwise last to 100 years in storage (or so they say). An immobilized hard drive (and a backup drive if costs permit!) will last you the necessary 5 years years ... with a few decades to spare..."


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