Thursday, October 28, 2010

A big thank you from David Benford!

I am really pleased to say that I completed the Mizuno Amsterdam Half Marathon on Sunday 17th October 2010 in aid of the Cystinosis Foundation UK.

Please may I thank everyone on Forensic Focus that sponsored and supported me. My family and I are really touched by everyone's generosity and we are going to raise close to 3000 Pounds Sterling from the event. Every penny raised will go to researching improvements to drugs and ultimately a cure.

I am a trustee of the foundation and my 9 year old daughter has cystinosis, which is a chronic genetic metabolic disease. It is very rare with only around 2000 patients in the Western world. The race was particularly challenging for me as exactly 6 weeks prior to the race I competed in the Lichfield 10k event to warm up for the main run. It evolved that in the 10k run I managed to tear the meniscus in my left knee. This meant that I was unable to train or exercise further for the marathon and had to take a chance and just go for it on the day.

I flew to Amsterdam on the 16th and stayed near to the Olympic Stadium where the event was due to finish. On the day all went OK. Things were going well for me up until 15km, when my legs didn't want to work as this point was further than I had ever run before. I pushed on though and every step was very painful but I reached the stadium, where after half a lap I crossed the finishing line with massive relief and a sense of great achievement!

The Dutch crowds and bands along the route were an enormous help and very motivating. I finished in 2 hours and 31 minutes which I was quite happy with. The run has really helped raise awareness of cystinosis and people have been so generous.

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Thank you all once again.

David Benford
Managing Director
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