Thursday, February 24, 2011

Computer forensics to die out by 2020

Somewhat contrary to expectations, I was interested to see that a search for "computer forensics" using Google's Insights for Search tool would appear to suggest that global interest in the field will fizzle out completely by 2020 or thereabouts (my screen wasn't quite wide enough to do an exact calculation):

Make hay while the sun shines, boys, the end is nigh!


grouptheory said...

Sure, but "digital forensics" is sharply rising, and the term "computer" as a whole is declining. So what you are noting here is just that the computer is becoming an appliance. The status computer experts will soon be like air conditioner repair and maintenance experts. Forensics will continue, but for digital devices, broadly defined.

Dave Jenkins said...

I quite agree with grouptheory. A lot of analysts believe that computers will be secondary to mobile devices in a few years. So the term "computer forensics" will indeed be pretty obsolete. Have a look at the Insights graph for "digital forensics". It's pretty much the opposite of "computer forensics"!