Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Scott Moulton’s “5-Day Data Recovery Expert Certification” Course

reviewed by by Karlo Arozqueta


Just about every individual who is immersed in the Information Technology field has either personally experienced it, or knows someone who has: The hard drive “click of death”. For most, this sound is the start of a downward spiral of doom and depression and eventually a large bill from a data recovery company. For some, however, this is the beginning of a new field of interest in technology. There is only one problem: The field of hard drive data recovery is one that is still shrouded in secrecy and misinformation. How can someone break into an industry where advice is doled out in hushed tones and newcomers are shunned and told to seek professional (read:$$$) help?

Scott Moulton has been trying to change that, and is one of the few individuals teaching a vendor-neutral data recovery class to the public. I attended one of Scott’s 5 day training classes in 2009, and have kept up with him as the course has grown. In an effort to assist other individuals in deciding if this course is worth taking, I opted to write this review. Please note that while my personal attendance of the course was in 2009, I routinely volunteer to assist in these courses (for free) when they come to my geographic area of Washington DC, so this information is current as of May of 2011. Also, while the term “hard drive” has now become the catch-all term, the course material covers recovery of both traditional mechanical hard drives and touches on the latest recovery technologies for flash based devices like USB thumb drives and Solid-State Drives (SSD).

This class is appropriate for any individuals who have a solid understanding of computer forensics and filesystems and want to take their knowledge to the next level in terms of understanding exactly how data is stored on the drive, how the device works, and how it can be recovered when conventional imaging techniques fail. This was my primary reason for attending the course. The class is also appropriate for any individual who wants to approach data recovery as a means to expand their computer-support business and wants to add DR (data recovery) as an additional service...

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