Friday, October 07, 2011

Advice for Digital Forensics Job Seekers

by Joe Alonzo

You see the job advertisements posted on the web everyday, Digital Forensics Analyst, Internet Investigator, Computer Forensic Associate. You hit the Apply Now button, often never hearing back from said company.

Your background may consist of computer programming/IT, network security or possibly even a background in law enforcement. You ask yourself, “How do I get the attention of this organization and get them to hire me?”

Working for the leader in Computer Forensics and eDiscovery recruiting and seeing all the good and bad candidates have done, I can give you some great insight on how to get your dream job...

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Infopier.SG said...

Nice advice :) Certainly helped. Thanks

Digital Forensics Singapore said...

Great advice, It's really helpful to all Digital Forensics Job Seekers. Most of us only thinking on the direction of working for the government.

ICT said...

This guidelines will prove to be helpful to many I am sure :)

Great blog by the way!