Tuesday, August 28, 2012

JADsoftware - The Company Behind IEF - Re-Launches As Magnet Forensics Inc.

JADsoftware, the company behind the industry-leading digital forensics product Internet Evidence Finder (IEF), announced on Monday that they have re-launched the company under a new name - Magnet Forensics Inc.

“A lot has changed since I launched JADsoftware and first developed IEF while working as a police officer and forensic examiner,” said Jad Saliba, Founder and Chief Technology officer of Magnet Forensics.

“After a couple years juggling both jobs, I realized that IEF had tremendous potential to help forensics professionals perform better investigations, so I decided to dedicate myself to developing the software full-time,” Saliba explained. “We now have a team of talented individuals who are working around the clock to take IEF to the next level. The time felt right to transition to a name that better reflects what we do, which is help our customers get to key Internet evidence as quickly and easily as possible, among a proliferation of online data.”

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