Friday, November 30, 2012

Interview with Eddie Sheehy, CEO, Nuix

Eddie, can you tell us something about your background and your current role as CEO of Nuix?

I joined Nuix as CEO in 2006 after working for quite a few high-growth finance and technology businesses. What I loved about Nuix was the precise detail the software could expose about the information it indexed. Having that degree of detail at scale could make a huge difference to the way an investigation played out.

After about a year with Nuix, it became clear to me we couldn’t take on Access Data and Guidance directly –they owned the forensic investigation market. So we expanded into eDiscovery, and later information governance, as a way of growing the business. In 2011, having reached a more tenable scale, we decided to go back into investigations. That has been one of the most satisfying aspects of my time at Nuix.

What products and solutions does Nuix offer?

Nuix offers products and solutions for forensic investigation, eDiscovery and information governance. There’s a fair amount of overlap between those categories, for instance our Enterprise Collection Center technology for gathering evidence in the field is used by investigators and for eDiscovery and our processing engine underpins all three verticals.

Indeed, at the heart of these products is our patent pending unstructured data indexing engine. The Nuix engine has unique load balancing, fault tolerance and intelligent processing technologies that enable it to process huge volumes of unstructured data at high speed and with forensic certainty...

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