Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Interview with John Huperetes, Senior Forensics Instructor

John Huperetes is a sub-contractor to the US Department of Defense and any views herein do not represent those of his contractor or of the DoD.

John, please tell us about your current role.

I am contracted to be "senior forensics instructor" and assist in developing and delivering cyber investigation training courses for DoD organizations, Defense Criminal Investigative Organizations (DCIO), military counterintelligence agencies, and law enforcement organizations.

This gives me the opportunity to review and sometimes experiment with bleeding edge digital forensics, and transfer the acquired knowledge to others.

I started off tinkering with electronics at a very early age. I was much better at shredding electronics than putting them back together. I moved to programming, first for processors, memory and controllers, thereafter databases and finally networks. A few consulting stints and I shifted to security permanently.

Incident response in security naturally pushes into forensics. A few more permanent and consulting jobs, and about a decade ago I took a job with a large financial firm working on forensics.

I got a call from a contractor for my current job, and that is how I ended up here.

What is the most challenging thing about your job? What do you find the most enjoyable?

The most challenging part of my job is always having an open mind toward new techniques and ideas. It is not just a time consuming but also an exhausting process. It is not unusual in our field to learn something, just to later discover that there are caveats galore! I enjoy the camaraderie of the experts, instructors and students, and the new discoveries I get to make...

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