Thursday, April 03, 2008


Ah, back in the blogging seat at long last!

Keen forumites will have noticed my recent post in the Legal forum asking for a little help in putting together some resources on licensing issues for computer forensics practitioners (tip of the hat to David for the suggestion).

There have already been a few very useful suggestions, in particular the map at would seem to be a very handy reference for investigators in the US. I want to stress that I'd like to include as many other countries as possible though, so if you're familiar with the relevant licensing procedures in your neck of the woods please reply to the forum post or PM me (note: I'm also including formal vetting procedures and the like under the heading of "licensing" where these are required in order to carry out forensic work - in other words the end result may not necessarily be termed a license in your local lingo).

On the subject of licensing, I have the impression it's (perhaps unsurprisingly) about as popular as a root canal in some places. Got a strong feeling about it? Post a comment and get it off your chest :-)

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