Monday, April 14, 2008

Site stats

One of the things I forget to do for long periods (the last time I did it was over a year ago!) is to update the stats page to show how many people are visiting Forensic Focus. The figures for last month break down like this:

Unique visitors 20995
Number of visits 74665
Pages 218510

The full list of stats for each month since January 2004 can be viewed here. Although I do a little bit in the way of advertising and many pages have been picked up by Google, I'm convinced that a lot of the site's continued growth is due to word of mouth. Many of those who sign up for new accounts tell me that Forensic Focus was mentioned by someone they work with or by a teacher on a training course.

So, a big thank you is due to all those who have helped the site grow and I hope it continues to be a source worthy of recommendation. Like the old saying goes, if you're happy with it - tell someone else. If you're not - tell me!

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